CySEC launches a new investor protection campaign to help investors

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has issued an announcement on 19 July 2022 to inform that is launching a new Investor Protection campaign to help tackle the growing international scourge of investment harm.

The new Investor Protection campaign is part of CySEC’s ongoing endeavors to help investors make better-informed investment decisions and to reduce the number of people making high-risk investments that may not be appropriate for them.

Furthermore, CySEC warns about a rising adoption of ‘finfluencers’ and “gamification” techniques being used on social media channels to manipulate young investors.

Social media channels are increasingly being used to promote complex and risky products, like crypto-assets, with some employing celebrities and online influencers that may sway investors to invest in products and services they may know very little about, and which may turn out to be unsuitable for them.

CySEC further notes that the gamification of investing is also raising red flags. 

CySEC’s new campaign will warn investors not to make decisions based on emotions and social pressure but rather through rational thinking and acquiring more knowledge of the products they’re buying and who they are buying them from.

The CySEC campaign includes a series of investor guides, available on a special section of the CySEC website dedicated to financial education.

The Investor guides can be found on the following link:  

The special section of the CySEC website dedicated to financial education can be found on the following link: