Summary of CySEC's Circular C528

Memo #39-2022
CySEC Circular No: C528
Date: 02/09/2022
Subject: Variable Capital Investment Companies – changes in the Constitutional Documents
Purpose: To remind all the Regulated Entities regarding an announcement issued by the Department of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property.

In Summary:
CySEC has issued the Circular C528 on 01/09/2022 to remind the Alternative Investment Fund Managers (‘AIFMs’), UCITS Management Companies (‘UCITS MC’), Self-Managed Alternative Investment Funds (‘SM AIFs’), Self-Managed Alternative Investment Funds with Limited Number of Persons (‘SM AIFLNP’) and the Companies with sole purpose the management of AIFLNPs, that the Department of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property issued on November 25, 2021 an announcement to notify for the publication of the Companies (Amendment) Act of 2021 (N.150(I)/2021) in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus, which introduced specific provisions regarding Variable Capital Investment Companies (VCIC).

CySEC with Circular C528 draw the attention of the above mentioned Regulated Entities to Articles 370Θ (1)-(3) and 70ΙΕ(1)-(3) of N .150(I)/2021 for their actions, where applicable. 

The Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property announcement dated November 25, 2021 can be found on the following link:

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