1st Annual Cyprus Anti Money Laundering Forum

24 November 2008, Hilton Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus
About 100 participants from 43 different organisations (Banks, CIF, Accounting & Audit Firms, Law Firms, Service Providers etc) attended the 1st Annual Cyprus Anti-Money Laundering Forum.

Mr George Papanicolaou of GP GLOBAL LTD presented the topic Risk Based Approach.

Mr. Charalambos Anastasiades of Bank of Cyprus Public Co Ltd presented the topic - The role of Technology in AML/CFT.

Welcome message from the Chairperson Mr. Menelaos Kyprianou partner of the Law firm MICHAEL KYPRIANOU & CO.

Mr. Phidias Phidia of Marfin Popular Bank Public co. Ltd presented the topic - Responsibilities of the MLRO and his/her team.

Mr. Andreas Panayides of FBME Bank Ltd presented the topics - (a) Suspicious Transactions/activity and (b) Compliance and Risk Management.

Mrs Maria Athienitou of PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited presented the topic - Internal Auditor role in AML/CFT prevention and detection.

Mr. Lambros Sotiriou partner of the Law Firm MICHAEL KYPRIANOY & CO presented the topic - Confiscation orders-International cooperation-orders for the disclosure of information.

About 100 participants from 43 different organisations attended the Forum.
The first event of its kind in Cyprus included the following topics:
 Application of the 3rd EU ML Directive
 Suspicious Transactions/activity
 Risk Based ApproachThe role of technology in AML/CFT
 Responsibilities of the MLRO and his/her team
 Internal Auditor role in AML/CFT prevention and detection
 Compliance and Risk Management
 Confiscation orders – International Co-operation – orders for the disclosure of information
Chaired by:
Menelaos Kyprianou, Board Member of Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission LLB (Hons), Barrister-at-Law (partner) - MICHAEL KYPRIANOU & CO.

With speakers from:
 FBME Bank Ltd
 Bank of Cyprus Public Co. Ltd
 Marfin Popular Bank Public Co. Ltd
 Deutsche Bank AG
 Michael Kyprianou & Co
 GP Global Ltd
Attended by about 100 participants from 43 different organisations:
 General Managers of Financial services companies/Banks
 Members of the BOD of Financial services companies/Banks
 Anti Money Laundering Compliance officers
 Internal Auditors
 Risk Managers
 Head of legal Affairs
 Head of client department
 Head of accounting departmen
Supported by ICA
The ICA is a professional organisation dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in compliance, anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention. Operating in the financial services sector, the ICA delivers accredited learning, developing and supporting professionals globally. For novice and experienced practitioners, the ICA certificate and diploma programmes are a recognised mark of achievement. Through dialogue, information exchange and comprehensive resource material, the Association helps individuals to improve business practice and minimise risk.

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