Accounting and Auditing

G.P. Global Ltd, along with its preferred service provider GP GLOBAL MANAGEMENT LTD, provides complete accounting and management support services for the closely-held company and its principals. Depending on each client’s needs, we will provide timely, competent and relevant services, including:

• Compiling, reviewing, and/or auditing of financial statements.

• Preparing forecasts, projections and budgets.

• Consulting relating to operational and management issues.

• Assisting in formulating and structuring employee benefits programs.

• Reviewing the entity’s system of internal accounting controls.

• Providing acquisition and divestiture recommendations, including due Diligence investigations and special reports.

• Consulting relating to the computer system, including needs analysis.

• Installation, training and system monitoring.

• Invoicing services.

• Preparation of monthly /quarterly management accounts.

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